What is The Six Degrees of Kidney Disease?  

The Six Degrees of Kidney Disease is The Kidney Foundation of Canada’s inaugural digital fundraising campaign. The campaign focuses on how we are ALL connected in some degree to kidney disease. As participants join the #SixDegreeChallenge online, the campaign aims to raise both awareness of how prevalent kidney disease is in Canada, and to raise funds to support The Kidney Foundation.  

The Six Degrees of Kidney Disease stems from the connecting story between Tom Wilson, and Delaney Holley-two Canadians who have never met and yet are connected by kidney disease. 

What is the #SixDegreeChallenge? 

The #SixDegreeChallenge is a challenge for Canadians on social media to share their connection to kidney disease online by posting a picture of themselves holding up six fingers, captioning how they are connected to kidney disease, and nominating others to join the challenge.  

How can people make donations?  

People can make donations leading up to and on the Day of Giving (from March 12-March 27) by going online or by phone at 1 800-387-4474

About The Kidney Foundation of Canada

Our vision: Excellent kidney health, optimal quality of life, and a cure for kidney disease

For over 50 years, this vision has guided The Kidney Foundation of Canada to be a collaborative, inventive and focused leader in the development of programs, services, research opportunities and awareness campaigns that have had a positive impact on the millions of Canadians living with, or at risk of developing kidney disease.

The Foundation's national research program has grown to become one of the most important sources of funding for scientists conducting kidney-related research. The Kidney Foundation of Canada is also committed to providing education, information and support about kidneys and kidney disease. 

For more information, visit www.kidney.ca/ontario