We’re all Connected

Here’s a story about 2 people in Ontario that have never met. They have different interests, different styles and different lives. They are connected by one thing: kidney disease.

In Canada 1/10 people live with kidney disease. That means that within 6 degrees, you can be connected to anyone in Canada through this often-invisible disease.



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The Challenge

We challenge you to post a photo of you throwing “the six” (✋☝️) on social media with #SixDegreeChallenge to show that you’ve been impacted by kidney disease. Participate in the challenge if you yourself have been impacted, or someone you know. We are all connected.

Share your story for a chance to be featured on our blog.

Let’s see how kidney disease connects us all, and how much power we hold to make a difference.

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 The Six Degrees of Kidney Disease

Join us on March 27th for our 24-hour fundraiser where we can take action to improve the lives of those living with kidney disease.

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