I have been diagnosed with kidney disease since I was 24 years old, the day after I gave birth to my oldest daughter, Joanna who is now 37! It was 5 years before I had to start dialysis, but just 5 weeks later, I received my first transplant. 5 years after that, I was given the “go ahead” to have another baby, but would be “followed up” by the high risk pre-natal unit at St Joe’s in London. I then gave birth to my daughter, Sarah in 1993, and then just 14 months later gave birth to my daughter, Nikki. Having the two babies played havoc with my transplanted kidney and was back on dialysis in 1996. I then dialyzed at the Sarnia Unit for 18 months before I received my second transplant in January of 1998. That transplant, another success, lasted 19 years. I have been back on dialysis since April of 2017, hopefully awaiting another transplant.

During this time I have worked as the Senior Development Manager of The Kidney Foundation, Sarnia-Lambton Chapter. I started this position in January of 1991 (28 years). I have worked with some amazing staff in Sarnia and throughout the Ontario Branch and some fantastic volunteers, who have also become great friends. I would encourage friends, family, volunteers and fellow staff members to support the Digital Campaign on March 27th!  

Dani Gagnon